Residential Systems

Rmax is the industry leader in managing air, moisture and energy within the building envelope of residential and commercial buildings. Rmax commercial solutions decrease energy bills, reduce air infiltration, improve comfort and indoor air quality and manage moisture. Rmax’s portfolio of integrated systems are designed with the whole building in mind – increasing whole-building performance in all four key control areas including moisture management, thermal performance, air infiltration and vapor barrier.

The following solutions enable architects, contractors, builders and building owners to cost-effectively meet or exceed industry codes:

Rmax ThermaBase-CI Solution Diagram

structural insulation nailbase

Rmax ThermaBase-CI™ is applied to wood framing with the insulation to the interior and wood to the exterior in order to provide a continuous layer of thermal insulation and a suitable substrate for the mechanical attachment of many different kinds of cladding systems.

Rmax Thermasheath-SI Solution Diagram

Structural insulation solution

This 4-in-1 approach saves builders time and money on installation and offers a flexible design as it can be used continuously across the entire wall or as intermittent bracing panels in conjunction with Rmax Thermasheath®-3.