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Our firm, we’re always looking for ways to meet the sustainable expectations of our clients. When we learned about the system and the fact that the ECOMAXci® System was an all in one product that would help to meet the client’s needs. The first thing we did was check out if it was economical and when we ran the numbers, because it’s an all in one system it was actually a more economical system than your typical continuous insulation with a weather-barrier and sheathing on top because of the labor savings.
— Andrew Oxley, Principal Oxley Williams Tharp Architects (OWT Architects)
Rmax is wonderful and provides good quality material to our homeowners. Saves them energy, saves us time in construction and allows us to install the product correctly with minimal training of our labor…
— Jack Oppel, President of Bud Bartley Homes
During the value engineering process it [ECOMAXci® Wall Solution] saved the college a good amount of money, so it worked out for everybody..
— Matt Farmer, Grey Interiors

The ECOMAXci® solution has been around for a few years and has performed well. It is very gratifying to see a quality manufacturer like Rmax step up and take a component and develop a system that has achieved the rigorous ABAA Listing. This accomplishment took a great deal of management commitment, time and resources to move this technology forward.
— Roy F. Schauffele, FCSI, CCPR, FABAA, LEED Green Assoc., of Division 7 Solutions, Inc.
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Rmax Polyiso insulation sheets are, in this manner, one of the best insulating materials for your home and workplaces and Rmax Polyiso insulation sheets are one of the best in the market...
— Johnpaul Manning, Founder and CEO at Insulation4less Ltd
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Alcal Specialty Contracting was asked to provide exterior rigid board insulation behind the masonry façade and metal panels which would contribute to the thermal envelope of the building while meeting NFPA 285 standards. While considering the owners requirements and taking into account the installation conditions, Alcal proposed using the Rmax brand TSX-8500 series board. Once approved by the owner, Alcal found that all aspects of working with the Rmax TSX-8500 series board contributed to a smooth installation and a happy customer.
— Bill Giordanengo, Alcal Specialty Contracting, Inc.
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As a commercial masonry foreman, I have worked extensively installing Rmax as well as other polyiso systems. Once our insulation installers had completed their work there was usually a lapse in time before our masons installed the veneer. With the other systems I
was constantly finding myself having to monitor the vapor barrier, inspecting the seam tapes and having to fix fish mouths and puckers. With the ECOMAXci® Wall Solution including R-SEAL 6000 flashing, even with extensive time exposed to the elements, I found that the seams were still flat and providing a watertight seal. I have now taken an estimation position with a new company and I’m always trying to push the ECOMAXci® system over their competitors. My field experience has given me the utmost confidence in a system that when installed properly will not result in expensive call backs.
— Edgar Boettcher, Atlantic Coast Waterproofing
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The 49er Stadium was a great accomplishment for IDI and it took superior communication, excellent logistical coordination and constant assistance that Rmax provided for this project. Rmax was involved from beginning to end in all aspects to assure we maintained the highest quality product and technical assistance. Thank you Rmax for helping us capture and fulfill this projects needs!
— Ricardo Franco, IDI Distributors
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The most impressive part of this job was that Rmax was able to custom manufacture a 28’ board for this job. This helped meet the customer’s needs by reducing the number of seams and increasing the overall R-value of the wall.
— Chris Melhus, Service Partners Supply