Residential Project Profile: The Villages 

Rmax Project Profile - The Villages

The Villages - Sumter County, FLORIDA: R-Matte® Plus-3

The Villages, an active 55 and older adult residential community in central Florida, was first started in the 1960’s by Harold Schwartz. The community now has 157,000 residents, 70,000 homes and 39 golf courses. 
The Villages community contains a mix of block homes (70%) and wood frame homes (30%) all using ¾” R-Matte® Plus-3 on the walls, which has been the specified polyiso insulation on the block homes for over 25 years.  The ¾”  R-Matte® Plus-3 offers an R-Value of 5, plus an additional 2.77 with a ¾” dead airspace between the insulation and drywall, providing a total R-Value of 7.77.