Flex-Tite Insulation Clips
For use in Commercial Wall Applications

Flex-Tite insulation clips are quick, easy, and efficient to work with. They provide a finishing touch that is attractive as well as functional. They are designed to save labor in installation, and save energy once finished. Suitable for use in metal buildings, wood framed and concrete construction.


features and BENEFITS

Energy Efficient Design
Unique co-extruded design, combining rigid and soft PVC to
hold insulation tightly in place and create an air-tight seal

Easy Handling
Can be cut with standard power saws and two piece design allows for easy installation of the insulation

Fastening leg for easy access with a nail gun, reducing installation time

Impact-Resistant PVC
Designed to withstand the high impact of nail guns

Attractive Finish
Manufactured to an attractive white finish. As desired, pieces can be painted or call for custom color applications.

UL Tested
Class A material tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL 723 – test for surface burning characteristics of building materials). Flame spread is 0 and smoke developed equals 190.

Two-Piece Flex-Tite wall installation using TSX-8510

Two-Piece Flex-Tite wall installation using TSX-8510


Flex-Tite Insulation Clips are manufactured by Victory Bear and sold by Rmax.