Tapered Design Center

The tapered panel, when placed on a flat roof deck, develops positive slope to aid drainage on the roof and around RTU curbs or other obstructions on the roof. Tapered panels can also be used to increase existing slope in a recover situation. 

A cricket is a constructed form from tapered panels that creates an artificial drainage valley to direct flow around a potential obstruction (i.e skylight or to prevent ponding on a roof).  A cricket is typically twice the slope of the roof as half of the slope of the cricket counters the roof deck slope.

A tapered takeoff quote contains the squares of tapered panels and fill boards necessary to build the tapered roof based upon the information provided.

A successful tapered takeoff requires a verification of plan scale, drain or scupper locations, marked roof top unit curbs, marked overhangs for the lower decks and deck slope with arrows, hatching or color to indicate the difference between tapered insulation areas, cricket insulation areas and structurally sloped areas. If new tapered is to be added to an existing slope to increase the overall fall, reference the existing and desired slope so the appropriate cricket slope is created.